Neurofeedback – Therapy for Children with Autism

Therapy for Children with Autism – Neurofeedback. What is Neurofeedback you ask? Neurofeedback is one of the best therapies out there for Children with Autism!

If you knew my background you would think I found Neurofeedback while in my mad search for therapies that could help my son recover from Autism, but that is not how I found it. I actually came across it while searching the Internet for a treatment that could help my sister-in-law who suffered a brain injury in an automobile accident. I was living in New Jersey at the time and was lucky enough to find a practitioner that was using Neurofeedback to help her clients. I immediately called her and asked her if she could help people with brain injuries. She said yes, that Neurofeedback has been used to help people recover from brain injuries, as well as other things, such as ADHD and Autism. That was all I needed to hear! I proceeded to meet her, learn from her, and utilize Neurofeedback in my own office. I not only used it to help my son, I used it to help many of my patients, young and old.

My thanks go out to Betty Jarusiewicz, PhD!!! Betty Jarusiewicz, PhD is one of the first to investigate the efficacy of Neurofeedback for Children with Autism. She ran a Pilot Study – Efficacy of Neurofeedback for Children on the Autistic Spectrum – Betty Jarusiewicz, PhD Journal of Neurotherapy, 2002; Vol 6(4), 39-49. In this study, Neurofeedback training was evaluated in 12 children on the autistic spectrum. Betty utilized matched controls, and based the training on established protocols that were used for other conditions with symptoms similar to the Children with Autism. The Method used included Twenty-four autistic children that were divided into two groups, matched by sex, age, and severity of the disorder. The first group received Neurofeedback training and the second acted as a control group. The Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklists (ATEC) was used as well as parental assessments of problem behaviors. Both were analyzed to evaluate the effectiveness of the Neurofeedback training. The results included a 26% average reduction in total ATEC rated autism symptoms, compared to 3% for the control group. In addition, the parents reported improvement in all of the behavioral categories in their assessments. These behavioral symptoms included: anxiety, tantrums, socialization, vocalization, sleep, and schoolwork. The control group saw minimal changes. The conclusion of this study was that the children on the Autistic spectrum who were trainied with the Neurofeedback definitely showed significant improvements in symptoms and behaviors.

Remarkable? Yes, very remarkable!!! I saw it with my own eyes in my practice and with my son. I utilized every imaginable therapy available for my son and I have to say I saw more changes in a quicker amount of time with Neurofeedback than I did with any other therapy. For any parent of a Child with Autism- Neurofeedback is one therapy you don’t want to live without.

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To get a better understanding of Neurofeedback and Children with Autism please view the video below.

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